Facial Rituals
Intensive care and revitalization of the skin for extra brightness and elasticity
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Facial Alchemy with Gerovital/Aslavital
From preventing cellular wall decomposition to strengthening skin protection, this rich treatment is empowered by beauty products ample with natural active elements such as clay, bringing the complexion back to a luminous and youthful bloom. Debuting with a cleanse, the alchemy continues with a peeling, the application of a detoxifying mask, hydration, ionization, thermo - therapy, a massage, simmering down with a skin toning assisted by high-frequency waves.
50 Min
€ 64.00
Thalgo Source
Custom designed by Thal’ion laboratories, this treatment restores vitality and stamina to fatigued, dry, pollution-prone, and weathered skin that turns from dry to fortified.
50 Min
€ 66.00
Oxygenera Pro Experience
A beauty ritual that replaces invasive treatments with Botox and Hyaluronic Acid, the favorite of Hollywood stars. It combines 5 revolutionary therapies: Microdermabrasion with diamond particles, Hyperbaric Oxygen of 98% purity, Multipolar Radiofrequency, Virtual Mesotherapy and Phooton Oxygen Mask + Infrared Soft Laser. The active ingredients infuse to the dermis, the skin will be intensely hydrated, more elastic and brighter by up to 70%, clean. Acne spots and lesions become a memory, wrinkles are attenuated.
80 Min
€ 97.00
Ayurveda Face Lift
Deeply relaxing and tenaciously toning, his bio-energetic facial massage fades away the visible marks of tension. Through microcirculation stimulation, the kin regains its healthy bright glow, while breathing is disciplined by corrected shoulder and neck positions.
25 Min
€ 21.00